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Safe Bet : Director's Note

Aletha Shepherd is a true visionary, full of compelling real stories.

Luke Knezevic (DP) with Charlotte Gleason (Director)

...which she brings to life through the characters she creates on the page. When she asked me to direct this specific story that is so relevant to the choices we make as women every day on our search for our other half, I was beyond thrilled to bring it to life.

Aletha wrote the character of Leah with so much honesty and truth, which organically brought the decisions she made awaken in telling the story with moving pictures. The decisions were triggered from situations that rang so close to reality, that directing with such a talented actor like Teagan Rose, was almost a healing experience for me.

Teagan gave the character specific mannerisms and an extremely strong point of view so much so that on the day I was able to listen to the points of view and collaborate with Teagan on the way she communicated non-verbally with both men. The way the actors were open to collaborating truly helped to base the story in the most honest way possible, in order to honor Aletha’s original concept of how the choices we make in a split moment can change the course of our lives.

I hope this story rings true and when you watch the actors, Teagan Rose, Joey Stromberg, Phil Nohe, and Francesca Eaddy, it makes you think twice about the decisions you make in this life and that it’s not always the safest bet.

I loved collaborating on this film with all of those involved and I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you with a budget of zero dollars.
— Charlotte Gleason