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Murder Suicide : Director's Notes

Murder Suicide is a film about neither murder nor suicide. Sorry.

Luke Knezevic (Director)

Luke Knezevic (Director)

If Murder Suicide is anything, it’s a direct reflection of the ridiculous, dangerous, and endlessly entertaining nature of the internet. And so our title is a lie, although I like to think of it more as click bait, because who cares, so long as you remember it.

Is technology to be feared? Appreciated? Both? I have no idea. But I do know that technology is going to be used in ways that we will never predict, and it is this sentiment that I set out to explore. The first draft of Murder Suicide manifested itself as the most depressing and dark episode of Black Mirror that you’ve never seen. On a whim, I challenged myself to turn this concept into a comedy, and after showing both drafts to my brilliant producers, Aletha Shepherd and Alfredo Rivera, they informed me that I needed to break up with the drama draft, because if I had truly loved it, I never would have cheated on it with the comedy draft.

Finding an actress capable of carrying the ambiguous tone of this film was an adventure in and of itself. The actress playing Hannah would have a difficult job of jumping between moments of absurdist comedy and heartfelt sincerity, sometimes all within the same sentence. Fortunately, we found just such an actress in Jakki Jandrell, a wonderful performer and artist who brought the character to life in ways I had never expected. Rounding out the cast we have Joshua Brady and Ericsson Just, who are not only great actors but also collaborators who infused a tremendous deal of authenticity and humor into every moment they occupied the story.

Murder Suicide would look like a home movie if it wasn’t for the immeasurable expertise of our cinematographer, Colden Raisher, who’s creative forces elevated this film to the next level. Our composer, Alexander Taylor, accomplished a minor miracle with the score for Murder Suicide, capturing the curious, dark, and whimsical tone perfectly. Every member of the crew deserves a standing ovation for making this film what it is. We shot this eight page script in one night. You are all magicians, you are all the best, and I thank you.
— Luke Knezevic