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Montana Manning (Bella)

Montana Manning (Bella)

The movie is written & produced by Montana Manning (Legacy, Hollyoaks) in which she also stars as the lead role, alongside Tasha Smith (Ropes of Silicon, Take 6),  Stephen Folds (For All That We Are), Decker Sadowski (Miss Beverly Hills Ghost), and Aletha Shepherd (Roxana, Craning). The movie is directed and produced by Aletha Shepherd.

Plot: Bella confronts the wife of her lover in hopes of a fairytale ending, but her plans are quickly thwarted when she gets alot more than she bargained for.

A special thank you to Luke Knezevic and our fantastic crew whose tireless efforts helped us create this film.

And last but not least a HUGE thank you to the following Indiegogo campaign supporters for believing in this project and supporting it to the end: Sebastian Thiel, Gabriel Dib, Carwyn Holland, Michael McCammon, Maria Bobeva, Ian Chong, Daniel Graham, Dean Berlin, Trina Quandt, Oladapo Fagbenle (Daps), Ashley Thomas (Bashy), David Keiffer, Elliott McMillan, Angel Shepherd, Nicole Holt, Oliver Stark, Adam Chung, Lee Kaplan, Guz Lally, Alex Davey, Angela Burrett, HJ Chong, Tracey & Jimmy Heath, Gavriel Rafael, Milan Tabasevic, Marketa Krivdova, Nolan Cubero, Erin Sanders, Ariela Veinbergs, Kendacy Samuels, Carlos Hardy & Christopher Edwards Jr, Emmanuel Christian, James Bland, Nihan Gur, Rose Shepherd, Mr Knezevic, Will Phelps, Kartik Bhardwaj, Eddie Organista, Desi Ivanova, Claire Knezevic, Marie Laurin, Alessandro Butini, Riley Moore, Yvette Sagoe, Jana Stone, Mary Collins, Stephen Folds, Craig Robert Young, Del Newbury, Director X, Elroy Anthony, Youssef Grant, Peter Sadowski, Brandon Faber, Steve Barron, Angela Trenton-Mbonde, Luke Loving, Rick Ramnath, Emma Pratley, Monuara Begum, Lexy Ryall, Lara Thomas Ducey, Damien Wayans, Pat Roach, Mariano Mendoza, Wyntesha McAllister, Dhiraj Dewan, Francesca Eaddy, Mike Nilon, Lavinia Postolache, Roselyn Shepherd, Karina Lidia, Fred Mletzko, Valentino Ciriaco, Vitor Nogueira, Matthew Strange, Dawn Servais, Anthony Chiles, Greg Gliner.

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